tess is back this month! catch STORM COUNTRY weekends in May

Storm Country

STORM COUNTRY, Ithaca’s first exploration in historic “headphone theater,” was a sold-out success last fall, so we’ve brought it back for four final weekends in May 2017. It’s like nothing you’ve experienced before, and as the landscape changes the opportunity to encounter it will slip away. We encourage history-engaged audiences to catch it while they can!
STORM COUNTRY is an hour-long “walking play” that immerses audiences in a world of voices, environmental sound, and music as they travel among the ghosts of Ithaca’s West End. Inspired by Tess Of The Storm Country— the hit Ithaca-based pulp novel of 1909, made into two silent films starring Mary Pickford— STORM COUNTRY interweaves the strands of Tess’ melodrama with the hidden histories of the neighborhood in which they take place. In doing so the show explores the issues that remain as vital in today’s Ithaca as they are in the novel: finding home and being denied it, trespassing and the need for security, the power of the water to transform and be transformed.
The Ithaca Journal called Storm Country a “beautiful” and “haunting” “audio adventure” — and audience members posted on social media, “beautifully written,” “pure alchemy,” and “DO THIS!” Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind experience.
Storm Country will be presented Saturdays and Sundays througout May 2017. Reservations (required) are at 15-minute intervals from 3:00 – 5:00 PM.



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