Do you like to bake? Or maybe you just like to eat what other people bake? You’re in luck!

We’re looking for hungry audience members, Ithaca’s most marvelous bakers, and even a judge to help us make this day special. 

The Eaters:

What could be easier? Just hit the button, put down your $60, and arrive at the Cherry Artspace hungry! You’ll be given a punch card for a glass of bubbly and fifteen delicious samples (with the option to go for more if you’re still peckish.) We can’t wait to see you there! (There will be both sweet and savory bakes, as well as gluten-free and vegan options!) Attire: Garden Party Chic, baby.

The Community Judge:

But wait, you say, baked goods are my passion! My life! I don’t want to be a mere taster. I want to be a judge! We’ve got you covered. Click here to enter a silent auction for the coveted community judge’s seat! Bid whatever it’s worth to you—all in support of the Cherry Arts—and we’ll let you know if you’ve been outbid.

And finally, the people who make it all worthwhile:

The Bakers!

  • Baked goods should be on the theme of springtime arts and blossoms! It’s weird, we know. Let your imagination run wild!
  • Bake sweet or savory— there will be a prize category for each, as well as a category for best gluten-free and/or vegan bake.
  • Every good baker deserves a team, and your sponsors are the key! The entry fee is $50 minimum (tax-deductible to the Cherry Arts) in raised sponsorships. We encourage bakers to reach out to their networks to get your sponsorship as high as it can go! There will be a special prize for the highest-sponsored baker… 
  • Baked goods should be divisible into at 50+ “bites” that party attendees (as well as the judges!) will sample.
  • Baked goods will be judged by an all-star panel of judges. Prizes will be awarded for:
    • Best Savory
    • Best Sweet
    • Best Presentation
    • Best Interpretation of the Theme
    • Best gluten-free and/or vegan bake
    • And the coveted Audience Favorite!
      (The Audience Favorite winner will receive a fabulous prize, so encourage your friends and supporters to buy tickets to the event! We’re just saying…)