Cherry’s June Dance Month provides a serious experimental dance venue in downtown Ithaca.The Cherry Artspace will be made available for local dance makers to offer workshops and classes, develop new dance material, and present showings of work – whether ‘in progress’ or complete. Cherry Dance Month also strives to be a diverse and accessible opportunity for dance artists of all backgrounds, ethnicities, ages, and gender/sexual expressions. 

Building on the success of June Dance Month 2021, a first realization for the community, it featured 26 local artists, and a virtual workshop residency for Alice Sheppard which included the lecture: “Disability Culture & Aesthetics in Motion.” In total, there were 21 events, including: 14 movement workshops; 2 performances; 3 open showings, and 2 lectures/demonstrations.

June Dance 2022 will continue providing local dance artists opportunities to try new ideas, create and show new work; and facilitate a genuine opportunity for artists to collaborate. Kathy Lucas and Jim Self are collaborating as hosts, organizers, and individual presenters of their work.