a walking headphone play | by Nick Salvato & Aoise Stratford | Sept 9 – 18, 2016

Storm Country

Ithaca’s first exploration in the emerging form of “headphone theater,” The Cherry Arts’ Storm Country immersed audiences in a world of voices, music, and environmental sounds as they travelled among the ghosts of Ithaca’s West End. Inspired by Tess of the Storm Country, the wildly successful 1909 novel based in Ithaca, Storm Country interweaves the strands of Tess’s melodrama with the hidden histories of the neighborhood where they took place. Along the way, Storm Country explores issues that remain as vital in today’s Ithaca as they are in the novel: finding home and being denied it, trespassing and security, the power of the water to transform and be transformed.

Storm Country involved a walk of about one mile over the course of seventy minutes, punctuated with several stops to sit. The walk began at the Lookout Point of Erie Barge Canal, at the tip of Ithaca’s Inlet Island (behind the Boatyard Grill) and finished at 102 Cherry Street.
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